GP and Hospital Portfolio Working – Musgrove Park Hospital

GP and Hospital Portfolio Working – Expressions of interest

Musgrove Park Hospital with support from the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group and the Local Medical Committee are seeking to develop GP portfolio roles. These roles are aimed at providing interesting, varied and supportive ways for GPs to work both within General Practice and a local hospital or community setting. The roles are being arranged so that GPs, who may be interested in this way of working, could do so in a relatively straightforward way.

We intend for the posts to be set up so that the GP is employed by the hospital, under a specifically adapted Salaried Doctor contract, and subcontracted back to a practice or practices, or other service, for an agreed number of sessions. The GP’s terms and conditions, indemnity and pension would all be covered within one agreement with the hospital and an accompanying Memorandum will set out the overall agreements between the hospital, the practice/s (or other providers) and the GP.

Initially we are seeking to offer a small number of portfolio positions, to learn how they should be developed and whether they could be extended to other professional disciplines if they prove successful.

We are proposing to offer 2 types of portfolio role in the first instance.

Option 1 – Experienced GP

This option is intended for GPs who have been working within Primary Care for some time and who may be interested in a varied role which includes some sessions worked within the hospital. The hospital role is designed to have two aspects: the GP will work as a hospital doctor and be asked to provide feedback and advice to the Trust about how the patients they are seeing could be supported more effectively in the community in future.

Option 2 – Newly trained GP

This option is intended for GPs who have recently completed their ST3 year. It would offer newly trained GPs the option of taking up a portfolio role for an agreed period of time. During this they would continue to work some sessions within the hospital and experience working within a number of local practices for agreed rotations, e.g. 3 months in each before deciding on more permanent arrangements within a local practice.

Overall intentions

Both options are intended to benefit the GP, local practices, the hospital, and indirectly patients. The roles are intended to help foster knowledge and relationships across organisations and help to improve how primary and secondary care can continue to work more effectively together.

The roles will have clear arrangements for all parties, a tailored induction, appropriate clinical supervision and support, market rate salaries and opportunities for all involved to contribute to the role development and evolution. We would want to ensure that time availability, areas of interest and development needs are considered. For example at present GP experience and input within the hospital is sought within Paediatrics, the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) or as part of the Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) team, but other areas are also available.

Expressions of interest

If working within a portfolio arrangement like this would be of interest to you as a GP or of interest to the practice please contact me to discuss and explore this further.

Our draft Memorandum of Understanding and draft contract of employment both of which have been endorsed by the Local Medical Committee are available on request.

Yours sincerely

Dr Andrea Trill
Medical Director for Integrated and Community Care

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